Localism 1
The lads beat down on a kook. Photo: David MacGregor

A group of local surf thugs are searching for a traveling surfer in Jeffrey’s Bay.

The manhunt was triggered by an incident at the world famous wave, Supertubes, on Thursday afternoon.

Greg Rover, the unofficial leader of the group, said the tourist had disobeyed strict surfing protocol.

“This guy, fucking idiot, paddled past Bruce [de Kock], smiled and said ‘Bonjour’ like he was his bru,” Rover said.

“Not even 10 minutes went by and he dropped in on me.

“If you come to our home break and think you can just be friendly with me and the guys, you better expect a serious beating.”

Another of the group’s prominent members, Bruce de Kock, elaborated.

“That little frog made eye contact with me and smiled. What does he expect?” de Kock said.

“Supertubes is one of the best waves in the world, me and my brus have got to regulate the place or it would be a circus.

“So yeah, that guy with the blue on the shoulders of his wetsuit should watch his back.”

Exactly what the group planned to do when they found the man was unclear.

“I’m not saying we are going to kill him or hurt him badly, we just want to have a chat with the guy,” Rover said

It was not known if the French man knew he was being looked for or if he was still in town.

The Jeffreys Post was told by a local café owner, who wanted to remain anonymous, of an incident that occurred the week before where a local 12-year-old surfer was berated by Greg and the boys.

Jack Nimble, 12, was yelled at while surfing at Supertubes.

“I didn’t even do anything wrong, Greg dropped in on me,” Nimble said.

“But when I protested he started abusing me.

“I was almost in tears, he called me a little pussy.”