Lachie Yeo


The first thing that comes to mind, when I think of Lachie Yeo, is his outstanding bowl cut. Yeoy and his hair went together like Steve Irwin and crocodiles. Like cigarettes and coffee. Like margaritas and the Bahamas. His haircut was a beacon, when you saw it you knew you were being guided towards a good time. He had a penchant for good times.

We all have our own, unforgettable memories with Lachie. I will always remember two in particular.

The first is a long night we spent together.

We danced at Late Night Valentine until the lights came on. And then some more. When they would not let us dance any longer we congregated at a friend’s house. Then, you and I took turns putting songs on. We kept dancing. Other people danced with us. It came time to move on, so we did. To the house at Frinton, then a gazebo at the beach. More dancing. Frequently making eye contact and smiling. Thinking to ourselves, “Mate. How good is this!”


The other memory I keep returning to is when Lachie drove my car over one morning. It was a fine day. Neither of us had any plans. We drove to the kiosk at City Beach for a coffee and a swim. You and Annie had only just started seeing each other. We spoke about her. We spoke about your love for your brothers. About your parents. I told you about my family. Down at the beach we giggled at at a bodysurfer running over kids in the shorebreak. Later on I dropped you home. When you shut the car door I thought to myself, “I absolutely love that kid.” You were so down to earth. So content with who you were.

Yeoy had more fine qualities than anyone I’ve met.

He had this wisdom, as if he’d lived many lives before. The words he spoke were usually meaningful, always straight.

His sense of humour was sharp as any.

He was selfless, with a big heart.

He was the antidote to unhappiness. All he’d have to do is enter a room and within seconds everyone would be smiling. I don’t think that boy ever had a malicious thought in his life.

He had a strong sense of self, he knew who he was.

He was talented with the violin, the piano and the guitar. His passion for music came across in his taste. When Yeoy got a hold of the aux cord you knew you were about to be dancing.

He was such an all-round good man. He put himself before others and that was apparent all the way through to his last moments.

He brought so much joy to those around him. We are all in debt tohim for the joy he gave to us. We owe it to him to share that joy with everyone we meet. That’s his legacy.

Lachie Yeo. A hero all the way through. Rest in peace.